Do You Have the Personality of a Successful Trader?

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I tried all the tricks that new traders tried: books, newsletters, tip sheets, videos, everything. I never felt comfortable making those trades and didn't know why. I was about to give up on trading and then I took the Test. I realized that I could trade in a way that was comfortable to me. My success and confident exploded.

Aura B.Accountant

My trading coach flat out told me that I wouldn't be able to progress as a trader until I understood my personality. At first, I just took the Test to appease my coach. What started as a make-work exercise quickly evolved into a journey of self-discovery. I'm trading with more confidence and clarity than I ever did before and it's also helped my life outside of trading.

Steve C.FX Trader

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo founder, Coffee Inc

Before I took the Test, I had no idea how much my personality was affecting my trading. I couldn't figure out why I would have a run of good trades and then give back all my profits in one or two bad trades. Now, I'm working with my personality and the results are great.

Zak R.Business Owner

Take your trading to the next level

Amateur traders think that trading starts and stops with learning the mechanics of fundamental or technical analysis.  Our internal studies have determined that 50% of traders’ success is understanding and working within the guidelines of their personalities.

Trade like you, not like them

Amateur traders try to take a trading plan off the shelf or adopt one from a friend and then wonder why those plans don’t work for them.  They’ve had no investment in the creation of the plan and don’t know what steps will and won’t fit with their personalities.

Use Your Strengths

To be the very best trader you can, you need to fully exploit the strengths of your personality.  To exploit those strengths, you need to fully understand your personality and how it affects your trading.

Why does it matter?

Leverage Your Strengths

Learn to craft a trading plan that leverages the strengths of your personality.

Avoid Your Weaknesses

In addition to strengths, every personality has its own weaknesses when it comes to trading.  Learn to avoid them.

Know Your Tendencies

By understanding your personality, you understand why you react to situations, so you can anticipate those reactions in the future.

Enough Talk, Become the Best Trader You Can